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Flea Prevention For You and Your Pets

Fleas are a nuisance, and their bites can be painful to you and your pets. That’s not all, many humans and pets alike have serious flea allergies, and if a flea problem goes untreated there could be serious consequences. Thankfully there are several steps that you can take to prevent fleas from becoming a problem in your home.

Prepare Your Pets

If your four-legged friend goes outside, they will undoubtedly encounter fleas. Hungry for blood, these tiny pests will latch onto your pet and come inside with them. Once they’ve found their way inside they will begin to rapidly multiply, and before you even know you have a problem a large-scale flea infestation could break out in your home. For the most part, fleas will not attack humans as long as pets are present. In homes with extreme flea populations, however, these pests will latch on to any source of blood that they can find, including and you your loved ones.

To prevent this from happening you should prepare your pet before they go outside, and there are many products that are available in store that are designed for this purpose. Flea collars and gel-based treatments are two of the most common choices, but make sure to follow directions carefully when using these products.

Flea collars usually need to be stretched in order to be activated, neglecting to do this will defeat the purpose of purchasing one of those collars for your pet. Gel treatments are very effective, but if not applied correctly they could cause harm to your pets.  Only apply these gels in areas where pets cannot reach, otherwise they could accidentally ingest dangerous toxins. If your pet has an adverse reaction to any of these products discontinue use immediately, and contact your vet for advice.

Consider a Holistic Approach

If you have dogs, there is a flea treatment that is both all-natural and completely risk-free. Lemon essential oil has been proven to be extremely effective in preventing and removing fleas. This oil can be found in many health food stores as well as online, and just a few drops on the neck is all it takes to put an end to your dog’s flea problem.

Make sure to only use pure essential oil, products that are marketed as “fragrance oil” may not actually contain lemon extract at all, and may be made of filler materials that can be harmful to your pet. If you’re a cat owner lemon oil should be avoided, as it can have negative effects on feline friends.

Get Rid of Fleas Today

If prevention methods have failed and fleas have found their way into your home, it is time to get in touch with a pest control provider. They will be able to perform the treatments that are required to put an end to this painful infestation. When having pest control services performed in your home, always check in advance to ensure that the products that are used will be safe for your pets. Some treatments can be performed while pets are still in the home, while others require that any animals be removed during the treatment.

If your provider recommends that you remove your pets from the home, make sure to ask when it will be safe for the animal to return. Some treatments can make your home an unsafe environment for pets for up to several days following the treatment. Extreme pest removal processes, like tenting or flea-bombing, will always require that pets and humans alike evacuate the premise during treatment.

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