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Household Bugs Can Be Prevented

Household bugs are a problem that all homeowners want to avoid, and there are some steps you can take to prevent these pests from ever finding their way into your home. If a pest population arises you should avoid DIY treatments and get in touch with a professional, but if you haven’t seen pests around your house it is a good idea to make sure they won’t be able to find their way in the future. Prevention comes in many forms, and sealing, regular cleaning and eliminating pest-favored factors can all be successful ways to keep your home pest free.

Seal Out Household Bugs

There are many ways that pests can find their way into your home, and sometimes they entrances can be so tiny that homeowners overlook them. Rats are one of the biggest household pests, and even these large creatures can sneak in through gaps that are smaller than an inch and holes that are as small as a quater. This means that cockroaches, flies and ants can all sneak in through nearly microscopic openings.

To seal out household bugs, you need to be aware of the most common entryways. The gaps beneath doors and windows, cracks in your house’s foundation, and rips in screens are some of the most popular ways that household bugs sneak in. Here is the best way to deal with each of these factors:

  • Gaps beneath doors: Not only do gaps beneath your doors let in outdoor air and allow your temperature-controlled air to escape, they also allow many household bugs to walk right in. If there is no weatherstripping installed at the bottom of all of your doors, you should do this right away. If weatherstripping is already present, make sure that it’s airtight and replace when necessary.

  • Cracks in the foundation: You may not think much about hair-sized cracks along the bottom of your home, but there are many pests that can sneak right through them. The most challenging part of sealing these cracks is locating them, this requires inspecting the entire foundation very thoroughly. Once you spot a crack, simply seal using a caulk-gun.

  • Rips in screens: The screens that are outside of your windows and doors are far more important than you may realize. They keep out all sorts of household bugs, and if even a tiny rip occurs they no longer serve their purpose. Thankfully, replacement screen can be bought for very little. Make sure to inspect screens regularly and replace them as soon as tears appear.

Regular Cleaning Is Essential

Household bugs are not only a problem in dirty homes, but the chances of an infestation are drastically reduced by regular cleaning. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight can attract all sorts of pests, and they’ll stop at nothing to find their way in if they can smell this food. Always wash dishes as soon as you are finished with them, and make sure your trash is taken out on a daily basis.

Food that’s left out, even in your pantry or cabinets, is another reason that many household bugs come inside. Fresh produce should be kept in airtight containers, not only will this prevent pests but it will also increase the shelf-life of these products. Many homeowners leave open boxes of pasta or cereal sitting in their cabinets, but even these dry products attract a variety of pests. Invest in a few air-tight containers for these as well, doing so will greatly reduce the chances of bugs becoming a problem in your home.

If you spot pests around your home, it is too late for preventive measures. You may only see one or two bugs, but this is nearly always a sign of a much larger population hiding from view. Get in touch with an experienced pest control professional as soon as you spot any sort of household bug.

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