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K&A Pest Control of Cumberland, RI

6 Hillside Rd, Cumberland, RI 2864

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54 Old Quarry Rd, North Scituate, RI 2857
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Based on 57 reviews around the web

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Very Good

This branch ranks 4th out of 6 pest control companies serving this zip code.

This branch ranks in top 67% of all pest control companies serving this zip code.

Most Recent Reviews

“My worst nightmare came true, when I woke and found a bed bug on my headboard. I had been waking up for a few weeks with what I thought was a rash. I searched myself and could t if anything that whole time until that morning. I was full of soo much anxiety so I began to google “bedbug exterminator near me” and K&A came up. I called the number and Thomas at 5am and he PICKED up the phone and here I was prepared to just leave a message only. He was so calm and walked me through the whole process and he had his crew out the next day. After my first treatment, we notice immediate relief, I woke up with no bites. They did come out after 2 weeks and found no new activity. However, I still am finding dead bed bugs but ALL dead on my wood floors from the treatment but Thomas has once again assured that this means that the treatment is working and all normal part of the process. We have not found any on our beds since our initial treatment. He really is the beg bug whisper. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through this very stressful and traumatizing process.”

Anna H. via Google

“This was the perfect company to call for bedbugs. Somebody paid a different company to come in and get rid of bedbugs and they didn’t tell them that their chemicals we’re not gonna work against these bugs. Thomas and his team came and took care of the problem the right way. Also, educating the people in the house on the next step after they were done spraying. Thomas has always been there to answer my questions. The crew that comes into the house is very knowledgeable on what to do and how to prepare you for the next couple of weeks. Plus you have the guarantee of a year. All the other companies just give a month. The bugs will be back in a month after they just scare them away with their solution. I’m so thankful I found his website. It’s been seven weeks since Thomases crew came in to spray end it has been bug free. Can’t say enough nice things. Just listen to what they have to say and follow his instructions and everything should be OK.”

J. J. via Google

“You are paying for the expertise. Cost and process was explained up front, then they offer to treat your car for extra. I'm pretty sure I found the first bug the day I brought some home from a furniture store. The first exterminator couldn't find anything and told me to keep waiting until a week later I found another one, before letting me know he couldn't heat treat my place anyways and to keep waiting (?) And then I woke with bites over my face. That's when I researched and found K&A. Honestly super grateful that this company exists. Thomas answered promptly and took it seriously and identified my bug pictures via text immediately. I was most worried about doing a treatment that risked sending any bugs to my neighbors (such as spraying pesticides and forcing them to seek escape). They know what they're doing in regards to multi-unit living and the habits of bed bugs. Thomas answered my questions and Kyle was extremely nice. Made the process very easy, and make your bed a safe place to sleep during it. You can be at home when they do the treatment and it only took a few hours. Worth it to feel confident about results, knowing they have such a long guarantee, and worth the money to not have to get rid of furniture. I did not have to throw anything away. I think my situation was in the early stages so that possibly made it easier but I definitely would not have the confidence the problem is gone with any other company I found online. Bed bugs are nothing to be ashamed about, no one chooses to have them, but the panic I felt the first 2 weeks was awful. After this company came, all the stress was gone and I could sleep in my bed without worry. Get rid of them the right way!”

Gabriela T. via Google

K&A Pest Control of Cumberland Review


54 Old Quarry Rd, North Scituate, RI 2857
  • Free Pricing Estimate
  • Money-back guarantee
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