Terminix of Darrow, LA

Terminix of Darrow, LA

17830 Lavo Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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  • Highly specialized in Pests & Termites while offering a industry leading Termite Bond & Guarantee.
  • Available 24/7 support over the phone for all pest issues.
  • With 90 years of experience, Terminix is one of the largest and longest running pest control companies.
  • 10,000+ team members and expertly trained technicans.

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4.51/5 Excellent

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Zip Codes Covered by Terminix of Darrow, LA

  • 70725
  • 70738
  • 70346
  • 70718
  • 70778
  • 70734
  • 70737
  • 70341
  • 70723
  • 70728

Solutions for Common, Hard-to-Kill Pests

Terminix offers pest solutions for your most common home invaders, including termites, cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. For the hard-to-kill pests, technicians know how to get to the root of the problem to keep them coming back for good.

Keeping Costs Low

Terminix technicians are dedicated to keeping costs low for their customers. This means you’ll receive satisfaction guarantees, effective solutions, and helpful initiatives like free inspections.

Bed Bug Control and Treatment

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult and hazardous home pests, but Terminix has developed innovative solutions to prevent and eradicate. Ask your closest branch today about offers like their RapidFreeze solutions, which eliminate the bugs without toxic chemicals or pesticides.


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Based on 476 reviews around the web

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Very Good

This branch ranks 3rd out of 3 pest control companies serving this zip code.

This branch ranks in top 100% of all pest control companies serving this zip code.

Most Recent Reviews

“Worst customer service imaginable and way overpriced. Choose a locally-owned pest/termite company.”

Beau Maginnis via Google

“I value their expertise, their technicians and their service. I have been a customer for so many years and I have never had to complain. They do their job and do it right, even above the call of duty, so to say.”

Leila Hoffpauir via Google

“They need to work on there customer service in the office and scheduling appointments. I've had them for a while and am not ready to close my account. One man has damaged my house and the manager said he would come out a d slap paint on it. Smh, not on my house. One lady ( Ms. B) in the office ( working from home) was very rude. She yelled at me over the phone when I asked her to use a different form of payment. She stated she couldn't do that. Later I found out she lied. Don't get me wrong I have had 2 guys that were nice and didn't damage my home, but they really need to work on these issues. They need to have a better process for damages. I talked to the manager his response was I'll talk to the technician and give you a call back with a solution. It's been 3 weeks, no call. I find myself calling multiple times to get good service. There has been a few times that they have picked up and hung up or I'll be asked to hold after holding for 20 minutes already. I'll hold but then after another 25 minutes they put you back in the que to hold again. My billing issue was never resolved. They are not consistent with there service either..from making an appointment to the service it's self. Always something. Last time the changed my appointment twice. The 1st time they called for an okay, but the next time I didn't know till the day before confirmation and it was a different tech than the one who called orginally to change the 1st appointment. I only got the service because I just purchased a home and thought it was a good idea to get it sprayed. At this point I wouldn't recommend this company at all!!!! They should pay me for the damage, the countless hours I spent on the phone with their customer service representatives, managers, and technicians. Horrible!! More CONS than PRO Even my friend canceled her account !!”

Asia Harris via Google

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